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Koen started his deejay career in the summer of '04 as a local Dj in a small club at his hometown. He grew up being a kid always listening to rap and hip-hop. It didn’t take long before he got into the Belgium clublife. At a young age he got introduced to the early Belgian house scene. At that moment the house scene in Belgium was all about retro house, acid house, old techno and trance, … This came out on record labels like Bonzai Records for example.  Eventually this scene disappeared, clubs started to close down and it was time for something new. He started going to places like “Silo” and “Fuse” where he got involved with the underground house music scene. He started playing more underground records and met some friends who had the same passion as him. Since then he's been buying more and more records, and this became and still is his big passion. Untill today he's still digging out his recordcases to find that vinyl that will make u move. After a few years he started making guest appearances at clubs like The Zoo (Hasselt) and Silo (Leuven) for the best House / Techno party's from belgium at that time called Forbidden Fruit and Down_Under. Since then he played alongside and invited quality underground Dj's like;
Raresh, Kozo, Cezar, Rhadoo, Dan Andrei, Praslea, Alexandra, Cristi Cons, Petre Inspirescu, Thomas Melchior (Sunrise / Arpiar / RO) Valentino Kanzyani, Mayaan Nidam (Cadenza) Onur Ozer (Cocoon, GER) Masomenos (WTM, Paris FR)
Koen get's his influences out of chicago to tech and deep-house till old techno
and offcourse out all of the great producing work from all of his friends.
In the summer of 2012 he was invited to play in several international cities like Galati (Romania) on Lose It, in Moscow (Russia) on Gipsy Techno and in Ibiza (Spain) on Sonance. In 2013 he was asked to come back to Moscow where he played again at the amazing Gipsy club.

In september 2014 Kontrast deejays Pjay and Koen shared decks with their german friends from HardWorkSoftDrink Max Vaahs & Manuel Schatz in Kiev (Ukraine) for a party called HardWorkSoftKontrast at the great club Closer..